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Transportation of all kinds of products needed from one point to another is a logistics service. The logistics sector, which is quite comprehensive and diverse, means the transportation of all kinds of goods from small to large. In its most general definition, it covers the processes such as transportation, storage, customs clearance, transportation, packing and distribution of any product from the first manufacturer to the last consumer. It can be local, domestic, or international. In this case, the question of what international logistics is appears. The logistics definition of goods circulating between countries appears as international logistics. Although these commercial activities are divided into exports and imports, transportation and distribution processes are always at the core. The globalization of the world, the rapid development of technology, the much better production at some point and the emergence of surplus products have led to the concept of international logistics and therefore the question of what international logistics is. In this context, logistics employees within the enterprises are working to perform logistics activities both nationally and internationally from the right perspectives and meticulously and professionally.What are International Logistics Services?Companies in the international logistics sector carry out solution-oriented professional works by providing services such as supply chain management, international transportation, internal distribution, warehouse services, customs and insurance services, project management, logistics solutions, effective communication with the customer and also transportation to their customers. After answering the question of what is international logistics, we should ask what should be considered when it comes to international logistics. The logistics sector includes processes that need to be carried out with great care. Each process should be evaluated separately and the method of transportation in the international arena should be determined according to the product to be transported. Options such as road, airline, maritime and rail are taken into consideration and the most suitable option for the product to be transported is preferred. International logistics services, which have to be carried out in accordance with international standards, require continuous contact with the customer in order to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition to all these, combined transportation, project transportation or similar activities are also within the scope of international logistics activities. These processes and more, which are carried out professionally and meticulously, form the basis of the international logistics concept. 

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