Proje Kargo Taşımacılığı Nedir?

Project cargo transportation is a type of transportation service that requires all of the experience, planning and similar factors apart from other cargo transportations. The transportation of goods called out of gauge requires special planning and experience. Transportation of all materials, devices and equipment required in factory, energy, refinery, mining, construction, and similar infrastructure investments is carried out within the scope of project cargo transportation. Batı Innovative Logistics offers its customers project and heavy cargo transportation, project cargo planning, route and port research, heavy cargo engineering, ship brokerage and ship chartering, turnkey project transportation services with years of experience and service quality and security within the scope of project cargo transportation. You can get all the professional solutions required for project cargo transportation with Batı Innovative Logistics.What Should Be Considered in Project Cargo Transportation?It is critical to plan the routes to be used within the scope of the project cargo transportation in advance and to determine the most accurate route. Attention should be paid to whether the project will be transported by maritime or by airline, and both vehicle planning and route planning should be done by paying attention to these. In addition to all these, the placement of the goods in the vehicles may differ according to the route and the preferred transportation method. It is necessary to use suitable cranes both during loading and unloading of the goods in question. Otherwise, the planned transportation cannot result in the desired way. This causes the transportation activity to be incomplete. In the case of international transportation, it is very important to obtain prior permission from the countries to be visited or passed and to include it in the plan. If the required permissions are not obtained, delivery cannot be performed on the scheduled dates. In particular, delays in the field of project cargo transportation may lead to undesirable consequences. At the same time, domestic out-of-gauge cargo transportation is also included in the permit within the scope of project cargo transportation. After all processes are handled individually, professionally and in a quality manner within the scope of the project cargo transportation, the cargo can depart in line with the planned route. After all the points to be considered are meticulously planned, the project results in the direction you want for cargo transportation. With its leadership in the transportation sector, Batı Group also offers trust and professionalism to its customers in the field of project cargo transportation. 

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