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Project transportation service is provided for the transportation of loads that do not have standard dimensions or weights to different places. The project vessel is used for the services that can be carried out by sea for the transports to be carried out by making use of the project transportation service. The project ship can be transferred as the preferred transportation vehicle for the provision of the planned transportation service. First of all, all details related to the cargo are determined for the transportation service with the project ship. The service details requested by the customer are also included in the project design phase. In these operations, the characteristics of the load to be transported are determined. A risk map is drawn up to prevent any damage to the load during transportation and to prevent possible accidents. Although risk management is extremely important in project transportation services, insurance is also a key point. Despite all the precautions taken, support should be obtained from the insurance for all damages to the load. Lack of insurance in case of a possible accident causes the company to experience great trouble and damage. By using project cargo transportation and chartering services, project cargo transportation and chartering services, it is possible to transport cargo or goods that do not meet normal standards to different locations. Special projecting processes are carried out according to the load to be transported. Transportation by maritime are more affordable than by road, airline, and railway. Not only is it more affordable, but it is also advantageous to ship cargo or goods that are particularly delicate and need to be transported without damage. Detailed examinations are made before the project vessel service is carried out. The services requested by the customer regarding assembly, disassembly, transportation and many other transportations are included in the scope of the project. All permits and documents required for transportation work are provided by the company. For this reason, it is extremely important that the details of obtaining the necessary documents and permits are included in the service content during the project design. 

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