Lufthansa, other airlines to require 2 people in cockpit at all times after Germanwings' plane crash in French Alps

We are so sorry for all families losses. Our thoughts are with them and their families.
Lufthansa will institute new safety protocols requiring two people in the cockpit at all times after a rogue pilot left by himself killed 150 people in a premeditated crash.“The passenger airlines of the Lufthansa group will put this new rule into place as soon as possible in agreement with the relevant authorities,” read a Friday statement from the German airline.The switch was announced three days after the horrific wreck where the Airbus A320 plowed into a remote section of the French Alps — and one day after Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said he saw no reason to change company procedures.The decision will affect Lufthansa and its other airline holdings: Germanwings, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Air and Eurowings.The Scandinavian carrier SAS also announced a change in procedures, requiring a second person in the cockpit at all times. Several other airlines adopted the two-person policy shortly after the crash details were made public.The two-person rule, while the exception in Europe, was already standard procedure for U.S. airlines.Lufthansa also announced the creation of a new position — group safety pilot, who will oversee safety procedures across all the company airlines.The new job is charged with “examining and further refining all flight safety-relevant procedures,” Lufthansa announced.

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