Havayolu Taşımacılığı Nedir?

To summarize, transportation is the safe transportation of a product that needs to be relocated or delivered from its location to the desired location within the specified time period. Airline transportation, on the other hand, is carried out by air vehicles such as airplanes.  Airline logistics service is frequently preferred because it provides the most practical way of carrying out logistics operations. The development of airline systems, especially airplanes, has made this method widespread. Another reason is that any kind of cargo that comes to mind can be transported by airline transportation. The cargo to be transported may be an important or unimportant document or document, or it may be a sensitive or environmentally harmful chemical. Regardless of the product you want to transport, the product can be delivered to the desired point without damage by airline transportation. This feature has been very effective in increasing the use of airline transportation.Advantages of Airline Transportation
Airline transportation has many advantages over other logistics methods. Its primary and greatest advantage is its speed. Planes move faster than sea and road vehicles. Therefore, they can reach a point that a seaway or road vehicle can reach in a few days within hours. These speeds highlight the airline logistics service. Although speed is very important in the delivery of a product, delivery of the product to the other party without any damage is a priority factor in transportation. Airline transportation is one of the best ways to do this. In airline transportation, the products are mostly kept in different compartments and the movements of the vehicle do not affect the products to a large extent. Therefore, it is easier to get your product to the desired location in the best way. Airline logistics, which is the fastest and safest transportation method, is frequently used for the delivery of products with expiration dates.

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