Hamburg hits all-time tonnage record

Container traffic increased by 5.1% in unit terms to 9.7M TEU, with containerised tonnnage exceeding 100 Mt. The average growth rate for North Continent range in 2014 was 4.2%. 
For 2015 the Port of Hamburg’s marketing organisation reckons on a further climb in throughput, with the total reaching 149 Mt and container traffic breaking through the 10M TEU mark. HHLA operations accounted for 7.4M TEU in 2014 and Eurogate's Container Terminal Hamburg 2.3M TEU. 

Container traffic with China, the most important area for Hamburg, increased by 9.8% to 3M TEU. Russian traffic fell by 7.8% to 662,000 TEU due to the im pact of sanctions and the falling value of the Rouble. 

As if to ''rain on Hamburg's parade," the Port of Rotterdam has issued a statement that in 2014 Rotterdam became the first European port to handle more than 3M TEU in China o/d trade. However, there is clearly some discrepancy in the counting done by Rotterdam and Hamburg. 

[Image of Hamburg in 1890] 

Hamburg in 1890
Source: Emigration Port Hamburg Web Site

Rotterdam is claiming that in 2013 Hamburg handled 2.3M TEU of China o/d traffic (as against Rotterdam's 2.4M TEU). But Hamburg's report that its China o/d traffic increased by 9.8% in 2014 to 3M TEU means that it handled around 2.7M TEU in China o/d trade in 2013, or 0.4M TEU more than Rotterdam says Hamburg handled. 

Eurogate Group has reported that it increased its container handling volumes Europe-wide in 2014 by 4.2% to 14.8M TEU, an all-time record that included 8.1M TEU (+ 3.5%) at the German terminals in Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. Recently CSCL GLOBE (19,100 TEU) called at Eurogate Hamburg and on 6 March MSC OSCAR (19,224 TEU), is expected at Eurogate Wilhelmshaven as part of the M2 schedule.

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