Basic advantages of FLEXITANK

FLEXITANK is an alternative to such standard transportations as tank-containers, railway or road tanks, drums, IBCs and other way of transportation.
• You will significantly reduce expenses of transportation. In comparison with tank-container you will pay just for one way freight of the 20-feet container. There is no need to return container and pay for this. The economy can be more than 500 Euro per one transportation.• You use FLEXITANK as packaging for the cargo. In comparison with cost of drums or other capacities you save not less than 30-40 %.• You save up to 90 % of time for loading and unloading of the cargo.• No need to clean FLEXITANK after transportation as it is disposable.• You reduce losses of a cargo during unloading. As comparison - losses during unloading from FLEXITANK are 0.1 %, when during unloading from drums losses are 1 %.

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