Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline

VESSELCEPTION The objective of the Tanap (Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline) Project is to move Azerbaijani gas through the Turkish Republic to Southeast Europe in order to procure the natural gas demands of both markets. The total length of the pipeline construction is 1850 km and more than 3 trillion metric cubes of natural gas will be moved through it.Bati Group was selected for this prestigious project by the joint venture formed by TANAP. The construction of the land and sea pipes through the Dardanelles Strait takes place in Biga, Turkey.The project is very challenging due to the fact that there are many issues which must be taken into consideration. One of the many challenges of the project, a ship to ship operation, was executed between September and October 2017. A project of this scale demands vast experience in both sea and land operations and strong coordination in obtaining bureaucratic permits in due time. Local authorities lack experience in a project of this scale and possess no foreign language skills, which further complicated the project. The experience and planning skills of the Bati Group Project Team played an important role in the coordination with partners, local authorities and suppliers and ensured the avoidance of damages, bureaucratic penalties, personal injuries or delays. 

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