Project 'Silent Nemo' Robofish

Project "SilentNemo" Robofish US Navy reveals its latest recruit: 'Silent Nemo'robofish can swim into enemy territory undetected - and is designed to lookexactly like a tuna ·        Designed to swim into enemy territory, and toguard the hulls of US boats·        Uses a robo-fin to move silently throughenemy water undetected·        Can be controlled with a joystick or beprogrammed to swim on its own    The US Navy has revealed its latest recruit - agiant robotic spy disguised as a tuna.The robo-fish is designed to swim into enemyterritory, and to guard the hulls of US boats.It uses a robo-fin to move silently through thewater - and had been dubbed 'Silent Nemo' by Navy bosses.  The robo-fish device is designed to look like atuna in the water .It swims just like a fish does by oscillating its robotictail fin back and forth. The unmanned underwater vehicle is able to maketight turns and move through the water quietly, making it ideal forsurveillance and reconnaissance missions.'The unit is a combination of unmanned systemsengineering and unique propulsion and control capabilities.'  Its bio-mimicry provides additional securityduring low visibility intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)missions and friendly hull inspections, while quieter than propeller drivencraft of the same size, according to Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC).The robot is capable of operating autonomously for extended periods of time dueto its long-lasting battery, but it can also be controlled via laptop with a 500-foottether.   A Ghost Swimmer, a biomimetic device modeledafter the blue fin tuna, rest on a dock at the Joint Expeditionary Base LittleCreek-Fort Story.The tether is long enough to transmitinformation while inspecting a ship's hull, for example, but if operatingindependently (without a tether) the robot will have to periodically be broughtto the surface to download its data. 
Check this out!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLRd-iy7STA

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