Dry Bulk Market Report

Baltic Exchange Index 19/01/15
Dry          739 (-2)
Cape        662 (+42)
Panamx    751 (-8)
Supramx   669 (-17)
Handy       415 (-3)
Baltic Exchange Index 16/01/15
Dry          741 (-8)
Cape        620 (+35)
Panamx    759 (-7)
Supramx   716 (-19)
Handy       418 (-7)
<>CAPESIZE    The usual slow end to the week with some limited activity earlier today but with most reported tidying up of ships fixed during Thursday.   The West Australia/China run finished a tick firmer for early ships with BHP Billiton allegedly fixing a 24 January 170,000-tonne 10% cargo from Port Hedland to Qingdao at $4.35. BHP Billiton earlier took the Berge Bulk relet Anangel Prosperity for a 28 January-2 February cargo at $4.15.   There was talk that FMG fixed a 160,000-tonne 10% cargo from Port Hedland to Qingdao at $4.10, but details were sketchy.   Baosteel took the Bao Island vessel Pacific Courage 180,008-dwt 2013-built for its 1-10 February cargo from West Australia to China.  Kepco awarded a tender to move a 1-10 February cargo from Newcastle to Samcheonpo to Samsun at $5.48.   Timecharter reports included the Valley Star 205,123-dwt 2013-built fixng for 18 January delivery Tianjin for a run from West Australia to Kwangyang with Korea Line, but a rate was not reported.  Pacific Bulk reportedly took a ship open 20-29 January for a trip from West Australia to China, but details were vague.   The Navios Antares 2010-built 169,053-dwt open Zhoushan 20 January was reported fixed as was the CHS Creation 174,110-dwt 2010-built open Singapore spot. Details were not forthcoming.    Vale took a Newcastlemax for a 26-30 January 180,000-tonne 10% cargo from Subic Bay to Qingdao at a low $2.25.    Period business included a report that E.ON took the Quintana newbuilding Q Amreen 180,000 dwt ex yard Sundong for a year at $13,000 daily.   It emerged that Noble took the 180,116-dwt 2010-built Blue Everest open today Hong Kong for short period possibly around the mid $8,000 daily range to $9,000 daily.   There was talk that Pacific Bulk took a Golden Union vessel for a Brazil round, but this was denied.   Sources said there was a few more cargoes quoting from Brazil to the Continent, but so far little reported fixed.   ArcelorMittal late Thursday booked the 2011-built Dong-A Ether for a 17-31 January 160,000-tonne 10% cargo from Tubarao to Gijon at $6.25. PANAMAX    A slower pace in the Atlantic and the Asia with for now activity from both the US Gulf and east coast South America seemingly slowed.   Transatlantic trading too was sluggish although there appeared to be a touch more grain business for loading to northwest Europe to Red Sea destinations among others.   There has been a steady flow of fixing in the east but today has been very slow and with still a long list of ships most remained nervous.    Period trading was still limited and although charterers were there, many were unwilling to commit at rates currently on offer. Noble was said to have taken a ship for short period against an Indonesia/Italy coal cargo, but details were not disclosed. ATLANTIC   Louis Dreyfus reportedly claimed to have taken a ship for a Continent/Saudi Arabia Red Sea cargo at the equivalent of $6,900 daily basis redel Cape Passero.   The Louis Dreyfus relet Mastro Nikos 82,177-dwt 2011-built open spot Brunsbuttel had been looking for fronthaul business, but sources said the ship fixed to CCCF for a 23-27 January 65,000-tonne 10% coal cargo from Murmansk to Gijon, but a rate was not reported.   The LBC Green 70,960-dwt 2013-built 36.5 meter beam and shallow drafted open Brake 20-22 January was said on subjects, but details were not reported.   EdF was said to have taken the Dione 75,172-dwt 2001-built from Gijon for a trip via Kamsar and Fos but with Gibraltar redelivery at $6,250 daily.   Cobelfret allegedly paid something under $8.00 and not $7.25 for a 1-10 February 80,000-tonne 10% cargo from Baltimore to Amsterdam.   ArcelorMittal was linked with the Magnum Opus 81,031-dwt 2014-built due 18-20 January Southwest Pass reportedly took the Mobile/Ghent-Dunkirk coal cargo at an improved $11,500 daily plus a $180,000 bonus.  Minmetals failed with the 75,480-dwt 2012-built Great Hope for a 2-11 February 55,000-tonne 10% hss cargo from the US Gulf to north China at $6,250 daily.   Further south, it emerged that Bunge fixed the 79,409-dwt 2011-built Voge Enterprise for 24 January-3 February delivery Recalada for a trip to Skaw-Gibraltar at a low $8,500 daily plus an $80,000 bonus.   Fronthaul trading slowed although it emerged that Hyundai Glovis covered a 15 April-31 May 60,000-tonne 10% hss cargo from Santos to China at $24.50. ASIA   The Great Hope 75.480-dwt 2012-built fully fixed to Caravel for 1-10 February delivery NoPac for a trip to the east at $6,300 daily plus a $225,000 bonus.   There were unconfirmed reports thatthe Inter Pride 74,005-dwt 2000-built open north China went to Hudson for a NoPac round at $5,250 daily.    Norvic secured the GNG Concord 3 2014-built 76,000-dwt from CJK 25-30 January delivery for a trip via China to India with metcoke at a low $4,250 daily. Sources said this was quick business but added delays were again building at Indian ports.   Norden took the Crystal Bliss 76,334-dwt 2011-built from Indonesia 25-30 January delivery Indonesia for a trip to Sual at $6,500 daily plus a $55,000 bonus. SUPRAMAX/HANDY ATLANTIC    There was talk that Interbulk fixed a 1-8 February 40,000-tonnes 10% cargo from Houston to Oristanto and Gaeta at $18.50 with 15,000 tonnes load and 5,000 tonnes satpmshex.   Trammo reportedly covered a 50,000-tonne 10% petcoke crgo for end January-early February cargo from Port Arthur to China at $26.00.   Oldendorff was rumoured to have taken a Noble relet Supramax from the River Plate to the Continent around $10,000 daily.   A grain house was reportedly trading a 57,000-tonner for a trip from Recalada to the Far East at $10,000 daily plus a $100,000 daily.     In the handysize range, the 27,028-dwt 2001-built Montrose (a ballaster from Abidjan) fixed to Bunge aps Recalada to Algeria at a steady $9,000 daily.    ADMI reportedly fixed a grain cargo from Bahia Blanca to Morocco at $25.00. ASIA   Daewoo Logistics was said to have taken the Otzias 56,720-wt 2012-built from north China 19-23 January for a trip to the US Gulf at a reasonable $5,500 daily for the first 65 days and $9,000 daily for the balance.

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